Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Band Stuff

I completely neglected to write about this, but I got conscripted into a band back in... September? I think it was September anyway.

We do original and traditional(ish) music.

We had an audition for the Renaissance Faire a few weeks ago, and had our first gig just before Christmas. The gig went really well, but we're still waiting to hear back from the Faire.

Saturday, December 10, 2011



Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Been in kind of an odd, sad-ish mood lately. Not really SAD sad, but ... well, I suppose pensive works I guess. I've been in a pensive mood... yea. I like that.

I've been growing gradually more disappointed with humanity as a whole, and how we treat each other. That kind of came to a head a bit today.

First, I saw this image on Facebook this morning, which made me think about it. It's true, sadly. People care more about their possessions and other nonsense than they do for each other anymore.

That's why there's so many lawsuits, why so many marriages fail, why most of us don't even know our next door neighbors names anymore.

50 years ago, the garbage we see on TV shows like Judge Judy would have been unheard of. If people had anything like that happening with their family or friends, they would be EMBARRASSED of it, they wouldn't want to air it on national television. Not so now I guess.

Later in the afternoon, when I was running errands for my Grandmother before going in to work in the evening, I saw a teenage girl wearing this shirt. (Yes, I went out and Googled it for my blog.)

I started thinking about how our culture cultivates cruelty towards each other rather than love, and it made me sad. Why do we have to idealize mean-ness and cruelty as a society? Wouldn't it be more productive if we valued love and kindness more?

My apologies for the rant, I needed to get that off my chest. It's been bothering me all day, and it has been a VERY long day.

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Finally know what I'm doing for Halloween.

My church is doing a masquerade. We decided to use Labyrinth as the theme (I am aware, it's been done. we're doing it different) and my friend ORDERED me to go as Sarah.

In the big fancy ballgown.

At least I have the hair.

The fabric and beads for this thing are already creeping up near the $100 mark though, and even WITH the hoop-skirts, I think I will be wearing more tulle than we are using to decorate the hall.

I am SO not just wearing it for Halloween - this is going to have to be a multi-event dress.

And I HAVE to go to Labyrinth of Jareth next year.

HAVE to...

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Have had no internet at the house for over a month, courtesy of AT&T.

We had nearly no connection.


More than three weeks later, they finally sent a tech out to fix it. After that, we didn't have a connection at all.

Complained again.

They said they would have someone out in a week.

A week later, they said that the work order had just been put in that morning, and someone would be here to fix it in two days.

Repeat scenario every two days for a week and a half, and my room mate FINALLY got tired of their crap, and switched.

New internets got hooked up today.

AT&T = fail.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Odd night

Went to my friend's party, hung out, had a good time.

When people started pairing off, I went home.

4am (approximately):
Got home, started bringing my things back into the house.

As I was leaning over the trunk trying to grab my bag, this little Hispanic girl walked up behind me and started talking to me.

I am a friendly kind of person, so I talked back. It took me all of about 15 seconds to realize that she was VERY drunk.

She told me that she lives across the street, and had lost her purse somewhere along our street. It had her keys in it, so she was locked out of her house. I wasn't tired yet, so I decided to help her look a bit.

She slipped her arm around mine, and took me for a walk down the street.

And talked.

A lot.

She told me that she had wanted to come over and say hi for a long time, but had been too scared... Then asked if I was a lesbian - when I told her no, she started telling me about her ex-girlfriend, and how her family doesn't understand her. A few minutes later, she asked me again, and I answered no, again. THEN she started telling me all kinds of dirt on the people who lived in the houses we were walking past.

We turned back when we made it almost down to the far end of the street.

She asked me a third time, and I replied that I still wasn't.

Another couple blocks worth of dirt on the neighbors later, and we were back at my house, still without her purse. She asked if she could come by and visit, so I told her i'm rarely home. Technically, it's true. I'm almost always either working or at school. When i'm not, I usually go hang out at a friend's house.

Very odd night.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

New "car"

Got the insurance check back on Wednesday. Got my new car on Friday. It's a truck.

Behold, the Katie-Mobile 3.0:

It's a Ford, but I can forgive that because it's a truck, and that's MUCH more important.

Friday, August 19, 2011

The Death of a Car.

Went to my friends birthday party on Saturday, had a great time. Stayed late. Left around midnight. Headed for my Mom's house because we were supposed to go to the circus in the morning.


Just getting ready to exit the freeway. 3 blocks from my Mom's house.

I merged into the far right lane and started to slow down for the ramp.

saw brake lights, slowed more. Then realized they weren't slowing anymore, but had stopped completely. In a panic, I hit the brakes as hard as I could. That was a big mistake. The brakes locked the wheels, but I slid right into the other car, who had hit a stalled car.

hence the almost instant transition from slowing to complete stop.

Then 2 more cars hit me from behind.

The police showed up and told us to exit the freeway and park in the gas station right by the off ramp, but my car wouldn't go. I had to get pushed by one of the police cars.

When I got there, they had the guy I had hit over in a corner doing a series of sobriety tests.

Another girl was leaning out the door of her car crying hysterically and vomiting. She kept saying that she had just had an accident the day before and she couldn't believe it happened again.

I think I might have been in shock. I was completely calm, gave them my license and other paperwork they needed, and gave them my statement.

as I finished giving the statement, they put the guy I hit into the back of the police car. I said "wow". the officer asked what was the matter, and I told him that I had never seen someone cuffed and put in the back of a police car anywhere except on tv. He laughed when I said it felt like I was on an episode of "Cops".

An ambulance showed up to pick up the hysterical girl, who had been driving the very last car, and was acting very strangely. My mom, my sister, and her boyfriend had showed up by this time, and my sister said that she heard they were taking her in for a 24 hour hold. She said that she thought they probably wanted to do a drug test, because she was acting like she was on something.

They brought my papers back and said I could go, but I had to wait for the tow truck. my sister's boyfriend rode with the tow guy and I went with my mom and sister.

Got back to my mom's around 3am Sunday. My baby sister's birthday.


The guy came out for the evaluation on Tuesday. It's totaled.

R.I.P Katie-mobile 2.0

Friday, August 5, 2011


 Just because I've got the song stuck in my head.

Am I the only person that didn't realize the song wasn't about a girl named Lorelei? Looked it up, and learned that Lorelei is the name of a treacherous river passage in Germany. I suppose it explains why he begs the river for mercy.

Beautiful song.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July / Cannon Shoot

It was SO hot this weekend.

At FMRF I saw a weather report that said it might rain in Victorville over 4th of July weekend, and I was worried that it might interfere with the shoot.

Rain might have actually HELPED.

It was so hot on Saturday that no one else wanted to go back out on Sunday to shoot again. We all ended up sitting around at Piper's and watching season 1 of Game of Thrones... twice. Great show though.

I bought a pound of powder and 100 balls for my gun. We ended up shooting it a whole 6 times.

I never got to fire the cannon.


Mom had a BBQ for the 4th. My cousin and his girlfriend came too. We made up for my lack of shooting at the cannon shoot - everyone got to shoot my gun.

Fabrics-Store.com Blog

Was interviewed for the fabrics-store.com blog during faire this year. Just found the article. They messed up Mat's name more than once, but I'm re-posting anyway.


May 11, 2011
Meet Mortimers Skully and Katie.

Mortimers Skully & Katie

Name: Matt Graves, aka Mortimers Skully
Occupation: Plays with the Belles of Bedlam at the Faire. A massage therapist outside of the Faire.
How many times have you been to the Renaissance Faire? This is my fourth year.
Did you make your costume? No, actually my costume was made by a friend.
Does it incorportae the use of linen? Yes, for the shirt and other parts.
What is your favorite dessert? Creme brulee. (Mortimor also suggested we try the "Sin on a Stick" sold at one of the food booths. It is chocolate covered cheesecake on a stick. Yum!)

Name: Katie
Occuation: Plays in the parade at the Faire and is a retail associate at JoAnn's Fabrics.
How many years have you attended the Faire? Ten years.
Did you sew your own outfit? Yes.
Did you use linen to make some articles of clothing? Yes! (Katie is actually a huge fan of Fabrics-store.com and used some of our linen in her ensemble.)
Why do you like shopping at Fabrics-store.com? Because its cheaper than anywhere else and it's all 100% linen!
What is your favorite dessert? Chocolate mouse and German chocolate cake.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Frazier Mountain Renaissance Faire

Spent 2 weekends up in Frazier Mountain for the new little Renfaire up there. It was great. There were oak and aspen trees everywhere and the weather was lovely. If the sailboat thing doesn't work out, I would SO move up there instead.

Spent most of the time over at the Gnarly Oak Alestand. It was kind of the musician's hub of the faire. I had my drum and my guitar, and I got to play with a lot of other people. I was talking to one of the minstrels, and I mentioned that I can pick up most instruments and within 20 minutes or less play them like I've been playing for years. He pulled out this really cool looking thing that I had never seen before, and asked if I could play it.

It was a stringed instrument.

I asked what the tuning was, and he said it was in the key of C, lowest string was an octave below middle C. I started playing The Rose. His jaw dropped. I started playing a medley of whatever came into my head, and he just sat there staring. It was way cool. I forgot what the thing was called, but if I find one, I'm so buying it. I loved it.


He called it a Cantella. Saw him again at SLO

Saturday, June 11, 2011


In a major funk right now. It seems like everything that could possibly go wrong is, or is about to.

Got my graduation evaluation back, and it says I have MORE friggin classes I need to take.

Car is busted up, and I got a technical "at fault" for it.

Have all kinds of events coming up that I am supposed to be at, but I'm afraid to commit to them because everything is so tentative right now.

I still haven't found a better paying job. Anywhere.

...I really just want to crawl under a rock and disappear.

Seriously, what's next?

Friday, June 10, 2011

Moving Day etc.

Successfully moved.

Loving the new place. Kitten is still a little skeptical, but she's warming up to it.

The room here is kind of huge. I haven't had a room this big since High School when I was living at my Grandma's house. It has this really awesome sloped ceiling too.

The night before the move, I went and saw Mat's band, and gave him the guitar strap. He loved it, and used it all night.

The show was awesome. The venue had margarita pizza and Guinness. I figure that's a good dinner. Tasted good.

Flogging Molly was playing down the street, so parking was a nightmare. I had to park almost a mile away, and walk to my car in the dark. Good night to wear the trench coat I guess. At least no one messed with me.

Saturday was pretty miserable. I'm SO glad it's over. I don't know what I would have done if my Mom hadn't come out and helped - there probably would have been blood. There was a little anyway, but I'm sure there would have been more.

One of my book shelves died a horrible death. Down to two now. Don't want to have to buy a new one, so I'm really hoping that adding the scavenged shelves from the dead book shelf to the remaining book shelves will be enough.

Wednesday was finals. Breezed through the CIS final, but the math one was tough. Summation notation is a bitch, and I forgot just about everything there was to know about it. The series and patterns stuff was easy though. I just hope it was enough. I would really like to NOT have to take math over again.

Going to take something during the summer. Need to figure out what though.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Teardown (2)

Didn't have everything down by noon, so David didn't end up funding a Barbeque, butwe still went over to his place after for pizza and movies. We watched RED. Crazy movie.

We finished up around 6, and had all kinds of ridiculous labels on the brand new storage boxes they made us build.

There were some Dr. Who and Hitchhiker's Guide references - and a dismembered possum included on the lists.


We did get all the pieces though:

Who stores a "mostly whole possum" in the same box as the infinite improbability drive? MacColin does...

Finished my drum strap at Davids while we were watching the movie. Started a new project - This time I decided to attempt Card-weaving. I designed my own pattern on a piece of graph paper. It's turning out pretty nice.

It's supposed to be a bat - going to make it into a guitar strap and give it to Mat.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Teardown (1)

Tore stuff down.

Moved wood.

moved MORE wood.

and so on...

Looked pretty well put away when I left. Had to drive from Irwindale to Riverside to drop my tent off in storage - much easier than taking it home to wrestle with next weekend during the move.

Stopped at Goodwill to see if the leather trench-coat I found there for $60 two weeks ago was still there. It was, but it didn't look as good on me as I thought it would. There was another one this time though. Also leather, but only $20, and THAT one looked great. Bought it and another regular-length leather jacket that was also leather, and also only $20. WIN.

Stopped at Mom's so she could see what Annie did to my hair yesterday.

Passed out in the recliner (as usual)

Almost didn't make it to work before closing to check the schedule for next week - had only 2 minutes to spare. Got it though.

Almost finished with my first project on the loom from Piper. I should have a new drum-strap by tomorrow night.

Going to try a card-weaving project next, just to prove that it CAN be done on this loom.

Last day of Teardown tomorrow. Rumor has it that if we are done by noon, we get to have a Barbeque.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday FAILday

Alarm didn't wake me up this morning.

Got in a car accident on the way out of the grocery store.


Monday, May 23, 2011

Renfaire (7)

Final weekend. Grand-Ringout.

can't believe it's over.

Learned some very disappointing things about some people I know, and some very pleasant things about some other people I know.

Received a silver mustache from Chief for dressing as a boy and doing Battle Pageant.

Finally figured out what I was going to do for faire favors, and got them to most of the people that I felt deserved them before I ran out.

note to self: make a crap-ton of favors during the off-season so you don't run out again.

Piper gave me one of the inkle looms that he made, but I managed to lose the shuttle already. Sad.

:Edit (05-28-11):
The lost shuttle has been found, AND Piper gave me a second one. WIN.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Renfaire (6)

Was nice and cool again this weekend, we even got some rain. Unfortunately, that means we had a high level of humidity, so my drum played for crap, but it was still a fun weekend.

Died in the dirt again this weekend, both days. Logan got a picture of my sand encrusted face afterward on Saturday. Win.

Favors started circulating. I got a few, so now I really need to think about what I will be doing for mine.

Think I will check the weather before heading out next weekend. If it's going to be wet again I should really bring the other drum. The humidity won't affect it as much.

Was talking to Lamont about the sailboat thing, and found out that he used to sail. Win.

Started a separate blog for the boat stuff - figured it would be nice to have it all in one place.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Boat = Home?

12:33 am
Got home from work about 7 hours ago, and decided to look up some more info on living aboard a boat, as I have wanted to do that for a few years now anyway. Then decided I might want to blog about it - and discovered that Blogspot was down. It's still down now.


Did find a few interesting links, though.

Looks like step one should be learning to sail. Now I just need to find someone who knows how...

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tacos and Balls

Had dinner with Mom and my step-dad today.

Went to the Taco Factory. I highly recommend it, it's delicious. I had the fish tacos, and a caramel-filled churro.

On the way home, I was making joking around with my parents - like I do - and managed to stumble across a tasty bit of information: My mother had neither seen nor heard of the fake testicles that "certain people" (i.e men that are overcompensating) like to put on their trucks.

Now, my step-dad and I were stunned by this, and the two of us tried to describe this phenomenon to my mother, who was still rather confused.

We decided to try to find her an example.

My mom was quite excited by this prospect, but we had little luck finding anyone who had such decorations on their vehicles.

I said "why is it that when you are TRYING to find balls, you can never find them?"

Thankfully, the windows of the car were rolled up at this time, because my mother apparently took that as a cue to begin shouting such delicate phrases as "Show me your balls", "I want to see balls!", and "Where are your balls?" and other similar statements at every couple cars that passed us.

Eventually we made it back to her house, after a quick last-minute turn around the Home Depot parking lot - which was surprisingly UNsuccessful.

I posted this as my Facebook status afterward:

                  Dinner at Taco Factory with Mom = win. Looking for certain
                  automotive adornments on the way home made my day.
                  ♥ u Mom :)

and she expressed an appreciation for my specific phrasing - and I threatened to be far more specific in my blog.

and I have been.
♥ u Mom

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Renfaire (5)

Rough weekend.

Roommate gave me notice. Might have found a new place already though. We will see how that plays out.

At least it wasn't a hot weekend. We got some rain early Sunday morning.

Got an offer to go play with Danse Macabre whenever I want, I think I'll have to take them up on it, it sounds crazy fun.

Also got a new tipper for my bodhran. It's made of African black-wood, and is balanced to perfection. Sev is a genius. I commissioned it last weekend, and got to pick it up Saturday morning. Barely touched the other tippers since - except for German Clock-winder. I hate that gig so much. It is a special kind of lame, and it shreds my tippers. I used the rosewood one for it, and it is in terrible shape now.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Renfaire (4)

Fourth weekend.

BlauFest weekend,
BogFest weekend,
Mayday Weekend,
GayDay weekend.

I bailed on Bogfest, only spent about 10 minutes at Blau, didn't do anything special for the gayday thing except wear an Equality faire favor - and I was STILL crawling up the stairs to my house at the end of the weekend, begging for mercy.

It was crazy hot.

At least I had Lambic.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Renfaire (3)

Cooler than Second weekend - not a whole lot else of note that I can remember at the moment.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Renfaire (2)

Second week.

I miss last weekend's weather. It was 97 degrees on Saturday, and drier than that Silica stuff they put in shoe-boxes to keep out the moisture.

Had to wet my drum about every minute or so just to keep from shredding it with the tipper. The heat and dry was sucking the water right back out of the skin.

I was drinking non-alcoholic fluids ALL DAY, without stopping, and STILL managed to be pretty seriously dehydrated by the end of the day. I don't know how the pub-crawlers survived.

My little sister came out and got some good shots of our dance show. I was thrilled - just wish I had gotten pictures of the two of us together, that would have been nice.

Apparently, Sammy Hagar showed up too.

Sunday (today) was cooler - by about 5 degrees... but it wasn't nearly as dry. It was almost nice. About another 5 or 10 degrees would have been lovely.

Weather prediction for next weekend is rain. I'm looking forward to it.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Renfaire (1)

Opening weekend was great.

Cool weather, threatening rain... never actually rained, but it was still nice.

The Saturday morning dance show was a failgasm - the group dances fell apart, my drum was a little too wet, so it was hard to hear, and the people standing in the back just stood there like zombies.

The rest went better. Drum was drier by the second show, and Sunday was only partly cloudy, and not quite so humid. The dancers seem to have worked out the kinks - at least most of them - and the rest of the zombies learned to clap.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Birthday Adventures

My sister took me out to dinner for my birthday.

We went to this sushi place in downtown Fullerton called Chomp. It's actually right across the lot from Roadkill Ranch, where Roommate and I got our spiffy dresses.

Anyway, my sister and I ordered about $40-$45 worth of sushi, ate it, then realized neither of us had our ATM cards.

Now SHE is driving back out to Ontario to get hers, and I'm waiting in the restaurant.

Did I mention I'm in Fullerton?


Was sitting in the restaurant for 2 hours waiting for my sister to get back. While I was waiting - aside from arguing with my Blackberry over whether or not I actually wanted to POST the first part of this blog (had to re-type it 5 times before it stuck) - Billy Joel's "Uptown Girl" came on the radio.

When we were kids, that was one of my sister's favorite songs. Considering the situation, my brain wandered off on a little mini-tangent and I realized how funny it would be if, considering the situation, my sister chose that PARTICULAR moment to walk through the door.

I started giggling to myself

And it was all I could do to remain on my seat at the sushi bar when, a few minutes later the "Turning Japanese" song came on the radio.

I'm sorry, but when you've been stranded in a sushi restaurant for nearly 3 hours, that is HILARIOUS.

Even the waitress laughed - she was awesome.

Edit 2:

Still can't find my ATM card.

Car stereo died - I think there's a shorted wire.

Bad birthday karma?
Oh well, at least the sushi incident was fun.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Earlier this evening I heard Roommate attempting to convince Kitten to tell her what she was up to. This usually means Kitten is up to some kind of mischief, so I got up and headed to the other room to run interference. As I got to the other room, Roommate started shouting for me to get over there and "bring a shoe or something.

I was still wearing shoes, so I just took one off, and continued towards her room.

There was a silverfish on the wall.

Kitten was staring at it intently, trying to figure out how to kill it.

Roommate was staring at it, and yelling at me to kill it.

Shoe met Silverfish - shoe won.

Kitten, however, did not believe the silverfish was dead - at least not dead enough for her liking. She continued to stare at the spot on the wall where the silverfish had been, and now a slight grey streak was, until I picked her up and held her where she could reach it.

She attacked the streak on the wall. Repeatedly.

I eventually took her with me when I left the room, and after a bit she forgot about the silverfish. Now Kitten is asleep on my feet.


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Viva Roadkill Ranch!

Went to the Pre-Viva Las Vegas event at Roadkill Ranch with my room mate today. She did my makeup, and had me borrow one of her dresses because all I have are ultra-formal, victorian, or "little black dress" type dresses. Apparently none of the above would do - so I borrowed this...

While we were there I actually FOUND a DRESS that I will wear on occasion. Maybe. Probably. This one:

Yea, I know. My hair is all big and stuff. She did that, it's not really my thing. Neither is the red lipstick.

Love the little anchor on the dress though.

Usually when we go, I just kind of hang around and wait for her to finish her dress-shopping. Maybe I might buy a t-shirt or something, but generally not. I'm so not a clothes-shopping kind of person. But this dress was so nifty my room mate played copycat and got one too - she ended up with 3 dresses, I just got the one.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Funny Phone Convo

Roommate: OK Dad, you're on speakerphone
Roommate's dad: No I'm not!
Roommate: Um, yes. You are.
Roommate's dad: No I'm not!
Roommate: Dad, you are. I put you on speakerphone!
Roommate's dad: I am not! would you LISTEN to me for once?
Roommate: Dad. Yes, you ARE on speakerphone. I put you on because I'm driving...
Roommate's dad: (hangs up)

I want to be a cat...

Someone posted this on facebook last night, and I figured I would stick it here in case it ever goes away. Posting the link too, though the pictures are of my own little trouble maker, and my room mate's grumpy old man.

If you don't like cats, skip this post. It is infested with them.
If you DO like cats, there's lots of cute pictures to go with the spiffy article I found.

How to be a Cat

Anyone can be a cat. All you have to do is follow the rules.

Rules For Being A Cat.

1. Anytime you go in or out a door you must pause at the threshold and contemplate whether you deign go through that door. You must do this until a much larger being is ready to give you a boot in the ass. You may then go through the door.

2. Anytime any flat object is laid upon the floor, you must go to the exact center of that object, lie down, and go to sleep.

3. If you see any space anywhere that is just about your size, you must get into it and look around.

4. Kill.

5. Want a good place to be a cat? Try anyplace that it would be inconvenient to have a cat.

6. Anything that was OK the last time is not OK anymore. If you wanted to be picked up the last time, you no longer want that. If you liked Swiss cheese the last time, you no longer like it. If you wanted your head scratched the last time, you now regard anyone who wants to scratch your head as a mortal enemy of cats.

7. If two doors lead into the house off a porch and someone opens one of them, you want to go in the other one. You will not enter the first door, but will wait until someone opens the second door. Then you will enter the house.

8. Unless you decide you don’t want to go through that door either.

9. If you do go through that door, see Rule No. 1.

10. Kill.

11. Center of the room? Bad idea. Better stick close to the edges, and pour yourself sideways around the furniture.

12. If you share a house with a larger being who is stronger than you, who provides you with meat and drink and so on, you must disregard that being. You must treat that being with utter indifference.

13. Unless you did that the last time.

14. Kill.

15. Occasionally, you must act as though you are absolutely insane. You must chase shadows, spring upon ghosts, do battle with invisible beings, arch your back and somehow become larger than you are.

16. If anyone sees you doing this, you must stop at once and pretend you were not doing it, and treat the being that saw you with utter contempt.

17. Occasionally, you must disappear for three days to a week, then return home and sleep for 36 hours without moving a muscle except those necessary to breathe. When you get up, you will stretch and then kill something.

18. Want to try something fun? After sitting in one place for several hours and watching an empty room, go someplace else in the room and watch things from there.

19. Kill something and leave the parts you don’t want in the kitchen. Or under the dining room table.

20. Stick one leg out in the air at an impossible angle and lick it for several minutes. When you get tired of licking it, just leave that leg sticking out in the air and stare off into space.

21. Any human caught lying down is your property, to inspect, walk over and jump onto or from as you see fit. The face is a good jumping-off place.

22. Just because you are more handsome, more self-possessed, more relaxed, wiser, and a better athlete than humans does not mean you are superior to them. You are also superior to them for other reasons.

23. You need not obey the law of gravity.

24. If you follow all these rules, you may be a cat.

25. Unless the cats change the rules.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Has wool. Has a happy

Sewing is not just a hobby for me, it's an addiction.

I think I spent about $300 on fabric in the last 24 hours, and that's WITH a whole stack of 50% off JoAnn coupons.


That makes me happy.

I bought this stunning blue wool, that I really hope gets approved - it will be great with my brown skirt. I also got a nice dove-grey that will pass without a problem. I'd like to do a burgundy linen skirt to go with it, but I don't have that fabric yet.

I got the wool to do my "trade for trade" project, so I can have new shoes this year.

and I bought almost $100 in white linen, because I'm a sucker, and Tigh asked me to make shirts to put in the store.

My tax return went so fast :(

Friday, March 18, 2011

Saint Patricks Day 2.0.

Slept in.

Roommate and I went to Disneyland. Figure it's ten minutes away, so it's a good way to kill some time. Also, the Cafe Orleans has the best Monte Cristos ever.

This is only half. We split one, because neither of us can finish a whole one. Mindy can, but I guess she wasn't feeling motivated today.

We left around five to head down to Pechanga for the Sportive Tricks/Fenians show. It rocked. The Fenians dedicated "Dirty Old Town" to the town I grew up in. I had a good laugh at that.

Also, I win at beads:

I know, the picture is crappy. Blackberry doesn't have a flash.

OOO, and I have a follower now, check that out! HELLO there :)
Hope you had a great St. Paddy's Day!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Saint Patricks Day

Happy St. Paddy's.

Sleep would be good - but it's hiding from me.


Friday, March 11, 2011



scares the crap out of me.

There are 3 things in the world that scare me badly enough to put me into a white knuckled fear-coma: Earthquakes (yes, I am AWARE that I live in Southern California, and should be used to them by now - but i'm not) Tsunamis, and getting a shot at the doctor's office.

Japan had the earthquake.

We have a Tsunami warning.

When I was little, I used to have this scar-you-for life nightmare where I died in a tsunami almost every time we stayed at our vacation place down by San Diego. I would be playing on the beach, and the water would disappear. I would look up and see this 30 foot wave rushing at me. I would try to run, but my 7-year-old legs couldn't run fast enough in the deep sand. I would come to this dune and as I tried to climb it, the wave would hit me and I would wake up.

Now, i'm having trouble getting to sleep. Even though i'm about 20 minutes from the closest beach, I have this old nightmare playing on a loop in my waking mind. I am finding it extremely difficult to look away from the computer screen for fear I will miss some important piece of news.

it is 2:45.

I have to be up at 6:30.

 Not good.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Magic Overload

I am a nerd.

Picture the nerdiest person you know, multiply that by like a billion, and stuff it into the brilliant disguise of a female with skin that is NOT riddled with acne, and you might be close to duplicating me.

I mean, I always knew I was something of a nerd, but last night - I sat up until 4am organizing trading cards. Really. Just because a couple of my friends wanted to dig through my "extras". So I had to go find the extras.

And the cards had already been organized. I REORGANIZED them.

15 folders full of them.

Something like 400 cards per folder. At the least.

...and I'm still not done.

I did end up stumbling across one of my more valuable cards though, and finally got around to doing a price-check on it. The fact that it is worth about $650 made me feel a little less pathetic.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Vyrago: The Beginning

Not exactly sure where I want to go with this thing yet, it just sounded fun. Kind of playing with a piratey theme, at least for now anyway. I've been using the pseudonym Vyrago for a few years now - it's a deliberate misspelling of the word "virago" which is defined as "a strong or willful potentially warlike woman". Seemed like a good name for a me, as I have an unhealthy obsession with pirates, weapons, and explosives.

Spent the evening with a gypsy the other night, was the best time I have had in a long while. I highly recommend it.

Set up for the renaissance faire in Irwindale starts this weekend, I can't wait.

Not a whole lot else on my mind tonight, so I leave you with some literary art:

Out of the night that covers me,
Black as the pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever gods may be
For my unconquerable soul.

        In the fell clutch of circumstance
        I have not winced nor cried aloud.
        Under the bludgeonings of chance
        My head is bloody, but unbowed.

Beyond this place of wrath and tears
Looms but the Horror of the shade,
And yet the menace of the years
Finds and shall find me unafraid.

        It matters not how strait the gate,
        How charged with punishments the scroll,
        I am the master of my fate:
        I am the captain of my soul.
                ~ William Ernest Henley (1849–1903)