Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Been in kind of an odd, sad-ish mood lately. Not really SAD sad, but ... well, I suppose pensive works I guess. I've been in a pensive mood... yea. I like that.

I've been growing gradually more disappointed with humanity as a whole, and how we treat each other. That kind of came to a head a bit today.

First, I saw this image on Facebook this morning, which made me think about it. It's true, sadly. People care more about their possessions and other nonsense than they do for each other anymore.

That's why there's so many lawsuits, why so many marriages fail, why most of us don't even know our next door neighbors names anymore.

50 years ago, the garbage we see on TV shows like Judge Judy would have been unheard of. If people had anything like that happening with their family or friends, they would be EMBARRASSED of it, they wouldn't want to air it on national television. Not so now I guess.

Later in the afternoon, when I was running errands for my Grandmother before going in to work in the evening, I saw a teenage girl wearing this shirt. (Yes, I went out and Googled it for my blog.)

I started thinking about how our culture cultivates cruelty towards each other rather than love, and it made me sad. Why do we have to idealize mean-ness and cruelty as a society? Wouldn't it be more productive if we valued love and kindness more?

My apologies for the rant, I needed to get that off my chest. It's been bothering me all day, and it has been a VERY long day.

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