Thursday, March 10, 2011

Magic Overload

I am a nerd.

Picture the nerdiest person you know, multiply that by like a billion, and stuff it into the brilliant disguise of a female with skin that is NOT riddled with acne, and you might be close to duplicating me.

I mean, I always knew I was something of a nerd, but last night - I sat up until 4am organizing trading cards. Really. Just because a couple of my friends wanted to dig through my "extras". So I had to go find the extras.

And the cards had already been organized. I REORGANIZED them.

15 folders full of them.

Something like 400 cards per folder. At the least.

...and I'm still not done.

I did end up stumbling across one of my more valuable cards though, and finally got around to doing a price-check on it. The fact that it is worth about $650 made me feel a little less pathetic.

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