Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Teardown (2)

Didn't have everything down by noon, so David didn't end up funding a Barbeque, butwe still went over to his place after for pizza and movies. We watched RED. Crazy movie.

We finished up around 6, and had all kinds of ridiculous labels on the brand new storage boxes they made us build.

There were some Dr. Who and Hitchhiker's Guide references - and a dismembered possum included on the lists.


We did get all the pieces though:

Who stores a "mostly whole possum" in the same box as the infinite improbability drive? MacColin does...

Finished my drum strap at Davids while we were watching the movie. Started a new project - This time I decided to attempt Card-weaving. I designed my own pattern on a piece of graph paper. It's turning out pretty nice.

It's supposed to be a bat - going to make it into a guitar strap and give it to Mat.

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