Monday, October 3, 2011

Odd night

Went to my friend's party, hung out, had a good time.

When people started pairing off, I went home.

4am (approximately):
Got home, started bringing my things back into the house.

As I was leaning over the trunk trying to grab my bag, this little Hispanic girl walked up behind me and started talking to me.

I am a friendly kind of person, so I talked back. It took me all of about 15 seconds to realize that she was VERY drunk.

She told me that she lives across the street, and had lost her purse somewhere along our street. It had her keys in it, so she was locked out of her house. I wasn't tired yet, so I decided to help her look a bit.

She slipped her arm around mine, and took me for a walk down the street.

And talked.

A lot.

She told me that she had wanted to come over and say hi for a long time, but had been too scared... Then asked if I was a lesbian - when I told her no, she started telling me about her ex-girlfriend, and how her family doesn't understand her. A few minutes later, she asked me again, and I answered no, again. THEN she started telling me all kinds of dirt on the people who lived in the houses we were walking past.

We turned back when we made it almost down to the far end of the street.

She asked me a third time, and I replied that I still wasn't.

Another couple blocks worth of dirt on the neighbors later, and we were back at my house, still without her purse. She asked if she could come by and visit, so I told her i'm rarely home. Technically, it's true. I'm almost always either working or at school. When i'm not, I usually go hang out at a friend's house.

Very odd night.

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