Sunday, March 27, 2011

Viva Roadkill Ranch!

Went to the Pre-Viva Las Vegas event at Roadkill Ranch with my room mate today. She did my makeup, and had me borrow one of her dresses because all I have are ultra-formal, victorian, or "little black dress" type dresses. Apparently none of the above would do - so I borrowed this...

While we were there I actually FOUND a DRESS that I will wear on occasion. Maybe. Probably. This one:

Yea, I know. My hair is all big and stuff. She did that, it's not really my thing. Neither is the red lipstick.

Love the little anchor on the dress though.

Usually when we go, I just kind of hang around and wait for her to finish her dress-shopping. Maybe I might buy a t-shirt or something, but generally not. I'm so not a clothes-shopping kind of person. But this dress was so nifty my room mate played copycat and got one too - she ended up with 3 dresses, I just got the one.

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