Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Teardown (2)

Didn't have everything down by noon, so David didn't end up funding a Barbeque, butwe still went over to his place after for pizza and movies. We watched RED. Crazy movie.

We finished up around 6, and had all kinds of ridiculous labels on the brand new storage boxes they made us build.

There were some Dr. Who and Hitchhiker's Guide references - and a dismembered possum included on the lists.


We did get all the pieces though:

Who stores a "mostly whole possum" in the same box as the infinite improbability drive? MacColin does...

Finished my drum strap at Davids while we were watching the movie. Started a new project - This time I decided to attempt Card-weaving. I designed my own pattern on a piece of graph paper. It's turning out pretty nice.

It's supposed to be a bat - going to make it into a guitar strap and give it to Mat.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Teardown (1)

Tore stuff down.

Moved wood.

moved MORE wood.

and so on...

Looked pretty well put away when I left. Had to drive from Irwindale to Riverside to drop my tent off in storage - much easier than taking it home to wrestle with next weekend during the move.

Stopped at Goodwill to see if the leather trench-coat I found there for $60 two weeks ago was still there. It was, but it didn't look as good on me as I thought it would. There was another one this time though. Also leather, but only $20, and THAT one looked great. Bought it and another regular-length leather jacket that was also leather, and also only $20. WIN.

Stopped at Mom's so she could see what Annie did to my hair yesterday.

Passed out in the recliner (as usual)

Almost didn't make it to work before closing to check the schedule for next week - had only 2 minutes to spare. Got it though.

Almost finished with my first project on the loom from Piper. I should have a new drum-strap by tomorrow night.

Going to try a card-weaving project next, just to prove that it CAN be done on this loom.

Last day of Teardown tomorrow. Rumor has it that if we are done by noon, we get to have a Barbeque.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday FAILday

Alarm didn't wake me up this morning.

Got in a car accident on the way out of the grocery store.


Monday, May 23, 2011

Renfaire (7)

Final weekend. Grand-Ringout.

can't believe it's over.

Learned some very disappointing things about some people I know, and some very pleasant things about some other people I know.

Received a silver mustache from Chief for dressing as a boy and doing Battle Pageant.

Finally figured out what I was going to do for faire favors, and got them to most of the people that I felt deserved them before I ran out.

note to self: make a crap-ton of favors during the off-season so you don't run out again.

Piper gave me one of the inkle looms that he made, but I managed to lose the shuttle already. Sad.

:Edit (05-28-11):
The lost shuttle has been found, AND Piper gave me a second one. WIN.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Renfaire (6)

Was nice and cool again this weekend, we even got some rain. Unfortunately, that means we had a high level of humidity, so my drum played for crap, but it was still a fun weekend.

Died in the dirt again this weekend, both days. Logan got a picture of my sand encrusted face afterward on Saturday. Win.

Favors started circulating. I got a few, so now I really need to think about what I will be doing for mine.

Think I will check the weather before heading out next weekend. If it's going to be wet again I should really bring the other drum. The humidity won't affect it as much.

Was talking to Lamont about the sailboat thing, and found out that he used to sail. Win.

Started a separate blog for the boat stuff - figured it would be nice to have it all in one place.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Boat = Home?

12:33 am
Got home from work about 7 hours ago, and decided to look up some more info on living aboard a boat, as I have wanted to do that for a few years now anyway. Then decided I might want to blog about it - and discovered that Blogspot was down. It's still down now.


Did find a few interesting links, though.

Looks like step one should be learning to sail. Now I just need to find someone who knows how...

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tacos and Balls

Had dinner with Mom and my step-dad today.

Went to the Taco Factory. I highly recommend it, it's delicious. I had the fish tacos, and a caramel-filled churro.

On the way home, I was making joking around with my parents - like I do - and managed to stumble across a tasty bit of information: My mother had neither seen nor heard of the fake testicles that "certain people" (i.e men that are overcompensating) like to put on their trucks.

Now, my step-dad and I were stunned by this, and the two of us tried to describe this phenomenon to my mother, who was still rather confused.

We decided to try to find her an example.

My mom was quite excited by this prospect, but we had little luck finding anyone who had such decorations on their vehicles.

I said "why is it that when you are TRYING to find balls, you can never find them?"

Thankfully, the windows of the car were rolled up at this time, because my mother apparently took that as a cue to begin shouting such delicate phrases as "Show me your balls", "I want to see balls!", and "Where are your balls?" and other similar statements at every couple cars that passed us.

Eventually we made it back to her house, after a quick last-minute turn around the Home Depot parking lot - which was surprisingly UNsuccessful.

I posted this as my Facebook status afterward:

                  Dinner at Taco Factory with Mom = win. Looking for certain
                  automotive adornments on the way home made my day.
                  ♥ u Mom :)

and she expressed an appreciation for my specific phrasing - and I threatened to be far more specific in my blog.

and I have been.
♥ u Mom

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Renfaire (5)

Rough weekend.

Roommate gave me notice. Might have found a new place already though. We will see how that plays out.

At least it wasn't a hot weekend. We got some rain early Sunday morning.

Got an offer to go play with Danse Macabre whenever I want, I think I'll have to take them up on it, it sounds crazy fun.

Also got a new tipper for my bodhran. It's made of African black-wood, and is balanced to perfection. Sev is a genius. I commissioned it last weekend, and got to pick it up Saturday morning. Barely touched the other tippers since - except for German Clock-winder. I hate that gig so much. It is a special kind of lame, and it shreds my tippers. I used the rosewood one for it, and it is in terrible shape now.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Renfaire (4)

Fourth weekend.

BlauFest weekend,
BogFest weekend,
Mayday Weekend,
GayDay weekend.

I bailed on Bogfest, only spent about 10 minutes at Blau, didn't do anything special for the gayday thing except wear an Equality faire favor - and I was STILL crawling up the stairs to my house at the end of the weekend, begging for mercy.

It was crazy hot.

At least I had Lambic.