Thursday, July 10, 2014

Baby Dragons, Day 7

All 15 eggs hatched.

There were 5 translucent babies. Out of 15.

Not bad for genes I didn't know my breeders were het for.

5 hypos, 2 of which are trans, 2 lemons, and a red.

2 HYPERmelanistic babies, one of which is trans. He/she is pretty impressive.

I hope he/she doesn't lighten up too much, I want him/her for a project.

The rest are red tigers.

13 of them have already doubled in size since hatching (I think they may have inherited Daddy's OGG genes) 

The other 2 are growing, but not as fast. One is a red tiger. The first baby to cut the shell. the other a trans red tiger. the second to last to finish hatching. The last hatcher was a lemon hypo.

Caught this shot at a very opportune moment.
I couldn't help myself.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Dragon Eggs, Day 81

BUSY hatching day today. Only 2 came out yesterday, but there were 8 more today.

Had a fun surprise. I was not aware that ANY of my 3 dragons were het for translucent, but APPARENTLY both Smaug and Tia are.

There are 3 translucent babies so far, at least 3 hypos, and every single one has awesome red coloring.

anyway... BABY PICTURES!