Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Overdue Update

The brightest stars burn the fastest.

Our band was doing really well. We had gigs at most of the smaller faires in Southern California, were sold out on CDs, had a great sound and enough songs for multiple sets. Not bad for a first year band. Then stuff happened and we lost one of our sopranos. We have not been able to find a replacement, and that has kind of killed the band, unfortunately.

I have been trying to work on getting another band together with a couple friends (Brain-child of one of those friends) It is slow going, but it has potential.
Clan Darksail:  Great Western War, 2012
I went to my first SCA event last October - Great Western War at Lake Evans. I played with the pirates of Clan Darksail, but I still wore my Gallows Guild gypsy costume. I got a pair of really cool, handmade curly-toed shoes for my costume too, but I need to make myself a legit, non-hollywood-ish pirate costume. 

Galloween: Aces of Hearts and Spades
I met the most AWESOME guy at the war, and we have been dating ever since. He still amazes me with his awesomeness.

He likes to go out and meet new people.

I also acquired a Bearded dragon around the end of October. His name is Smaug.

Southern Faire is in full swing at Irwindale Dam, and I have switched groups this year. Most of my Faire "career" I have been playing with Clan Maccolin/St. Andrews guild,  but this year I am playing with the border reivers. It's a lot of fun.

I am taking 2 weeks off from Irwindale faire to go play with Gallows Humor at Escondido Faire. I will be back at Irwindale for closing weekend.