Monday, May 23, 2011

Renfaire (7)

Final weekend. Grand-Ringout.

can't believe it's over.

Learned some very disappointing things about some people I know, and some very pleasant things about some other people I know.

Received a silver mustache from Chief for dressing as a boy and doing Battle Pageant.

Finally figured out what I was going to do for faire favors, and got them to most of the people that I felt deserved them before I ran out.

note to self: make a crap-ton of favors during the off-season so you don't run out again.

Piper gave me one of the inkle looms that he made, but I managed to lose the shuttle already. Sad.

:Edit (05-28-11):
The lost shuttle has been found, AND Piper gave me a second one. WIN.

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