Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Earlier this evening I heard Roommate attempting to convince Kitten to tell her what she was up to. This usually means Kitten is up to some kind of mischief, so I got up and headed to the other room to run interference. As I got to the other room, Roommate started shouting for me to get over there and "bring a shoe or something.

I was still wearing shoes, so I just took one off, and continued towards her room.

There was a silverfish on the wall.

Kitten was staring at it intently, trying to figure out how to kill it.

Roommate was staring at it, and yelling at me to kill it.

Shoe met Silverfish - shoe won.

Kitten, however, did not believe the silverfish was dead - at least not dead enough for her liking. She continued to stare at the spot on the wall where the silverfish had been, and now a slight grey streak was, until I picked her up and held her where she could reach it.

She attacked the streak on the wall. Repeatedly.

I eventually took her with me when I left the room, and after a bit she forgot about the silverfish. Now Kitten is asleep on my feet.


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