Monday, June 27, 2011

Frazier Mountain Renaissance Faire

Spent 2 weekends up in Frazier Mountain for the new little Renfaire up there. It was great. There were oak and aspen trees everywhere and the weather was lovely. If the sailboat thing doesn't work out, I would SO move up there instead.

Spent most of the time over at the Gnarly Oak Alestand. It was kind of the musician's hub of the faire. I had my drum and my guitar, and I got to play with a lot of other people. I was talking to one of the minstrels, and I mentioned that I can pick up most instruments and within 20 minutes or less play them like I've been playing for years. He pulled out this really cool looking thing that I had never seen before, and asked if I could play it.

It was a stringed instrument.

I asked what the tuning was, and he said it was in the key of C, lowest string was an octave below middle C. I started playing The Rose. His jaw dropped. I started playing a medley of whatever came into my head, and he just sat there staring. It was way cool. I forgot what the thing was called, but if I find one, I'm so buying it. I loved it.


He called it a Cantella. Saw him again at SLO

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