Saturday, May 28, 2011

Teardown (1)

Tore stuff down.

Moved wood.

moved MORE wood.

and so on...

Looked pretty well put away when I left. Had to drive from Irwindale to Riverside to drop my tent off in storage - much easier than taking it home to wrestle with next weekend during the move.

Stopped at Goodwill to see if the leather trench-coat I found there for $60 two weeks ago was still there. It was, but it didn't look as good on me as I thought it would. There was another one this time though. Also leather, but only $20, and THAT one looked great. Bought it and another regular-length leather jacket that was also leather, and also only $20. WIN.

Stopped at Mom's so she could see what Annie did to my hair yesterday.

Passed out in the recliner (as usual)

Almost didn't make it to work before closing to check the schedule for next week - had only 2 minutes to spare. Got it though.

Almost finished with my first project on the loom from Piper. I should have a new drum-strap by tomorrow night.

Going to try a card-weaving project next, just to prove that it CAN be done on this loom.

Last day of Teardown tomorrow. Rumor has it that if we are done by noon, we get to have a Barbeque.

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