Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Antics of Dragons

Took Smaug for a ride yesterday (not unusual)

While we were sitting out in the truck waiting for Kevin, Smaug saw a squirrel across the street.


As in, rodent as big as, if not BIGGER than himself.

He was a bit on the hungry side, as he had not yet eaten at the time (One of our planned stops was food for the dragon) and for SOME reason, he had decided that squirrels look tasty.

Smaug LAUNCHED himself toward the window where he was able to see the squirrel, and commenced a ten minute wrestling match with me, as I tried to convince him that no, he was not going to have squirrel for lunch. During the entire ...situation... the squirrel was just bouncing around on the lawn across the street, as if taunting him.

The squirrel FINALLY went away and I was able to calm him down, but not before a small contingent of neighborhood children (and a few parents) saw.

Way to cause drama, dude.