Friday, August 19, 2011

The Death of a Car.

Went to my friends birthday party on Saturday, had a great time. Stayed late. Left around midnight. Headed for my Mom's house because we were supposed to go to the circus in the morning.


Just getting ready to exit the freeway. 3 blocks from my Mom's house.

I merged into the far right lane and started to slow down for the ramp.

saw brake lights, slowed more. Then realized they weren't slowing anymore, but had stopped completely. In a panic, I hit the brakes as hard as I could. That was a big mistake. The brakes locked the wheels, but I slid right into the other car, who had hit a stalled car.

hence the almost instant transition from slowing to complete stop.

Then 2 more cars hit me from behind.

The police showed up and told us to exit the freeway and park in the gas station right by the off ramp, but my car wouldn't go. I had to get pushed by one of the police cars.

When I got there, they had the guy I had hit over in a corner doing a series of sobriety tests.

Another girl was leaning out the door of her car crying hysterically and vomiting. She kept saying that she had just had an accident the day before and she couldn't believe it happened again.

I think I might have been in shock. I was completely calm, gave them my license and other paperwork they needed, and gave them my statement.

as I finished giving the statement, they put the guy I hit into the back of the police car. I said "wow". the officer asked what was the matter, and I told him that I had never seen someone cuffed and put in the back of a police car anywhere except on tv. He laughed when I said it felt like I was on an episode of "Cops".

An ambulance showed up to pick up the hysterical girl, who had been driving the very last car, and was acting very strangely. My mom, my sister, and her boyfriend had showed up by this time, and my sister said that she heard they were taking her in for a 24 hour hold. She said that she thought they probably wanted to do a drug test, because she was acting like she was on something.

They brought my papers back and said I could go, but I had to wait for the tow truck. my sister's boyfriend rode with the tow guy and I went with my mom and sister.

Got back to my mom's around 3am Sunday. My baby sister's birthday.


The guy came out for the evaluation on Tuesday. It's totaled.

R.I.P Katie-mobile 2.0

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  1. I remember when I lost my first car to a pumpkin orange 67 mustang driven by an old lady who wasn't looking left when trying to turn right and barreled into me after I tried to move left out of her way into the next lane as I hit the brakes. Driving a 1977 Oldsmobile Regency 98, a boat in it's own right, took a while to come to a stop and just when I thought I was in the clear, she flips her head left and hits the gas. I was fuming, she said I tried to hit her. Crazy old bat. No cops, but I got witness statements that helped me with the insurance case when she tried to say the accident was my fault. I got $1000 for my totaled car and used it to by a POS Hyundai (was refurbed after an accident but I didn't know). I'm just glad you are OK and that it wasn't any worse.
    Thank you Katie-mobile for keeping her safe and taking the fall. RIP