Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tacos and Balls

Had dinner with Mom and my step-dad today.

Went to the Taco Factory. I highly recommend it, it's delicious. I had the fish tacos, and a caramel-filled churro.

On the way home, I was making joking around with my parents - like I do - and managed to stumble across a tasty bit of information: My mother had neither seen nor heard of the fake testicles that "certain people" (i.e men that are overcompensating) like to put on their trucks.

Now, my step-dad and I were stunned by this, and the two of us tried to describe this phenomenon to my mother, who was still rather confused.

We decided to try to find her an example.

My mom was quite excited by this prospect, but we had little luck finding anyone who had such decorations on their vehicles.

I said "why is it that when you are TRYING to find balls, you can never find them?"

Thankfully, the windows of the car were rolled up at this time, because my mother apparently took that as a cue to begin shouting such delicate phrases as "Show me your balls", "I want to see balls!", and "Where are your balls?" and other similar statements at every couple cars that passed us.

Eventually we made it back to her house, after a quick last-minute turn around the Home Depot parking lot - which was surprisingly UNsuccessful.

I posted this as my Facebook status afterward:

                  Dinner at Taco Factory with Mom = win. Looking for certain
                  automotive adornments on the way home made my day.
                  ♥ u Mom :)

and she expressed an appreciation for my specific phrasing - and I threatened to be far more specific in my blog.

and I have been.
♥ u Mom

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