Friday, August 2, 2013

Cabinets and steam sale antics...

The dragons have their new cabinet. I set it up... ish... today. Have been waiting on replacement doors for the bottom half for awhile, and I finally got them today. Cost $94 and 3 days of "Hey, you said pick them up today, what happened?"

And when I got them home, I found out they had been cut 1/8 of an inch too long.

Rather than take them back, have the guy fix it, and spend half of next week chasing him around to get them back, I 'modified' the cabinet to make them fit. I had to carve down parts of the track guard enough to let the glass pane in, but not so much that it couldn't still keep the glass in the frame.

It worked.

Smaug has the top cabinet to himself, and the girls get to share the bottom. I still need to put in the wood bits and some better decorations, but for now, it looks pretty good.

On another note, this totally happened tonight:

Yea. Steam does that. I still don't remember buying Fallout III or New Vegas.

...Not that I am complaining  :)