Monday, April 7, 2014

Jack, Day 13

Jack tried to poop on my computer today, but I caught him in time. Unfortunately, when I slipped the tissue under him, he stopped trying.

He has figured out that computers are warm.

I gave him another warm bath to get things going, but he's stubborn. Maybe there will be poop in the cage in the morning. It's been 2 days since the last one.

relaxing in his tupperware bathtub,

He only ate about .3 mL today, but I fed him after his bath, and he drank a LOT of water in the bath. I'm guessing he just wasn't as hungry after.

Bathtime is drinking time.
After his bath, he got belly rubs to help his digestion. It relaxed him a lot...

Relaxed gecko is relaxed.
He wasn't even terribly upset about his eye drops tonight, he behaved (mostly) while I put them in. Only got the creepy face once, and I was already done.

post-eye drops glare

He was still happier when it was all done.

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