Friday, April 25, 2014

Dragon Eggs, Day 10

Short one today. Helped a friend move, and I am super tired.

Incubator Status:
Temperature: 84 degrees fahrenheit
Humidity: 70%

Eggs are still looking awesome.

I will measure them again tuesday, because 2 weeks.

FINALLY got the scale I ordered. I got it yesterday, but was tired and didn't write about it.

Smaug weighs in at 1.4 pounds now. He's a BIG boy!

I made new harnesses for the dragons today. Was inspired because I wanted to keep Smaug out of trouble today, since he went along to help move my friend.

Ended up making one for each of them, because ESCONDIDO faire is this weekend, and they have to be adorable to impress the queen!

My dragons are just a little bit famous among most of the smaller renaissance faires in Southern California, but at Esco, they're practically celebrities. I was told that people all over the faire were sending patrons to the gypsy camp to go see the dragons.

We will be there Sunday both weekends, but only Sunday. I have other obligations both Saturdays. Family stuff.

The beads glow in the dark, just in case. I will probably add more beads eventually, since we play gypsies, and they need to be kinda gaudy.

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