Saturday, April 19, 2014

Dragon Eggs Day 5, and a Trans-Gender Gecko

Incubator Status:
Temperature: 83 degrees Fahrenheit
Humidity 70%

I think the humidity is down because I opened the incubator to show the eggs to a friend a few minutes ago. I forgot to check it before opening, but it will go back up.

No visible change since yesterday.

No condensation, or mold either, so that's a good sign.


It looks like Elsa, the 'female' gecko I brought home 2 days ago, is most likely a male. He is now Olaf.

Olaf got some new cage decorations today, due to the fact that he will now remain in his 'Quarantine' tank, instead of joining Hunter and Squeaker in their tank.

He approves of his new toy. Less than 5 minutes after I put it in the cage, he was all over it.

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