Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Dragon Eggs, Day 2

Got the incubator stabilized at an ideal 84 degrees and 72% humidity.

I decided to candle the eggs, to verify that they are, indeed, fertilized. Some infertile eggs can still look really good, so I wanted to be sure.

So, I got out my flashlight,
Handy dandy 99 cent store LED flashlight.

Got an egg out of the incubator, being VERY careful to keep the marked side facing up (if you roll the egg, you can kill the baby inside) and held it, with the flashlight behind it
The mark means "This side UP!"

Turned off the lamp, and turned on the flashlight.
THIS is a very good egg.

Look at the vein/capillary ring on that egg... and that TINY spot in the middle... THAT is a baby dragon.

I repeated for all 15 eggs, and EVERY SINGLE ONE was a good egg.

Tiamat and Smaug did a good job.

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