Sunday, April 27, 2014

Dragon eggs, Days 12 and 13

Hectic weekend. Didn't post anything for day 12, but everything looked good. I just was going from about 5:30 am till almost 2 am the next day with no breaks. Didn't have the energy to write.

Day 12.

5:30 Got up, cleaned the house some. I haven't done that as much the last couple weeks as I usually do, I've been pretty sick.

8:30 Went grocery shopping.
Mom dressed in one of my fancy dresses

10:00 Headed to Corona Faire site to finish pre-faire classes.

1:30 Finished classes, headed to pass house for paperwork.

2:30 Left site, headed for my Mom's to dress her up for a party.

3:00 Stopped to buy feathers for Mom's hair.

3:30 Arrive at Moms, commence costuming.

4:00 Leave Moms. Head home to let people in for D&D, which is supposed to START at 4...

4:30 Home. People in, commence cooking.

5-ish D&D

2-ish Everyone leaves.

So that's why no blog.

Day 13.

Didn't go to Escondido faire as planned, was too tired. Next week I will have the dragons out there though.Maybe even both days, we will see.

Incubator Status:
Temperature: 84 degrees fahrenheit
Humidity: 71%

Everything looks good still. Candled the eggs again.

DO have a gecko update though.

Squeaker is gravid. She looks ready to pop any day.

Luckily, dragons and geckos incubate around the same temperature. I can just pop these in the incubator with the dragon eggs when she lays them.

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