Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Jack, Day 14

Two weeks today!

When I picked him up, I wasn't sure he would last this long. He's a fighter, this skinny little gecko.

We got some good news today. Jack doesn't have to take his medicated eye drops anymore. If he understood that, he would be thrilled. He HATES those eye drops.

He will still be getting the saline drops, because he is still quite dehydrated, and his eyes are very dry. He doesn't mind those ones nearly as much though.

He will also be getting a bath every night.

Also got a couple double-open-eyes shot of him today. Progress.

He was walking around on my hands, watching for when I put another hand in front of him before he stepped, so he wouldn't fall. If that isn't proof that he can see, I don't know what is.

He's still very squinty, and not a fan of bright light.


Jack pooped. 

I took it in for his parasite test.

but when I got home, little Jack was dead in his cage. 

R.I.P. Jack

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