Saturday, May 31, 2014

Dragon Eggs, Day 46, and Gecko Eggs Round 2, Day 1

Incubator Status:
Temperature: 84 degrees fahrenheit
Humidity: 84%

Dragon eggs are doing well. More wiggling, more defined feet and toes visible.

Also, Squeaker popped.

The eggs look a LOT healthier this time.

Round 2, looks good so far.

They aren't all wrinkled and caved in looking. The last pair looked like little white raisins.

The first batch. They didn't do well.

May get a successful hatching out of her this time around. The last pair mildewed into nothingness.

Size comparison. Gecko eggs on the left, dragon eggs on the right.


Found a home for Quill, the dragon in need in the slightly previous post. Hoping he gets all the love he deserves with his new people.


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