Sunday, May 4, 2014

Dragon Eggs, day 19 AND Gecko Eggs Day 1

Incubator status:
Temperature: 84 (had to use ice again, it tried to drift up to 90 again)
Humidity: 65 (48 noonish)

Squeaker popped.

She laid her eggs sometime during the night last night, but I didn't notice till between noon and 1, because it is the weekend, so I slept in, then the boys were here, so I was distracted.

She didn't like the lay box I made her. She pulled all of the moss out of it, and dragged it into Hunter's favorite hide. She laid them there. Unfortunately, that was not a 'wet hide' and the humidity today was VERY low. Like, single-digits low. 12+ hours in extremely low humidity. The eggs were a little deflated.

I took Amy for a walk around the block, and checked on the geckos when I got back. Squeaker was sprawled in her favorite nap spot, and looked a little skinnier, so I picked her up. Didn't see the eggs through her belly skin anymore, so I started looking for them. Didn't take long.

I have read articles where the eggs were in worse shape than that, and did just fine, though. So, I put them in the incubator anyway.

The incubator is starting to look a little on the 'full' side.

The one with the betta on the lid has the gecko eggs. I recycle containers, and I ran out of Superworm containers. Can always switch it Wednesday when I go buy more.

Amy isn't used to this much exercise. I wore her out.

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