Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Dragon Eggs Day 21, Gecko Eggs Day 3

Incubator Status:
Temperature: 84 degrees fahrenheit
Humidity: 71%

The gecko eggs had white fuzz on them again. I took them out of the incubator. I think they are probably bad, so I don't want to keep them in the incubator with the dragon eggs.

They COULD still be OK though. I have heard of ugly, bad looking eggs hatching out normal geckos, so I left them in their cup. I put them in a spot where there is a pretty steady temperature of about 83 degrees. We will see what happens. I am not terribly optimistic about them, but we will see.


The dragon eggs, on the other hand, are looking great.

I measured them again today (Week 4):

Last week (Week 3):

More growth. YAY!

Here's the updated chart:

Super high-tech EXCEL graph.


A couple days ago (Sunday night) One of the snakes (Morgan, the less 'bright' of the two) attempted to escape her cage. I caught her with the door slid open about 3/4 of an inch, and she was slowly pushing it wider.

This is NOT the first time. It is the second. The FIRST time was almost 2 weeks ago during Game Night, and they DID get out. Both of them. I found Morgan in the den by the buffet table, just watching us game and talk. Lilly was curled up just outside of the cage, asleep. I thought I had left the cage door open by mistake, even though I am always super careful about that. 

Sunday night proved otherwise though, as I caught Morgan in the act.

I didn't think they were strong enough to move those doors. 24x45 inches of 1/4 inch tempered glass is PRETTY heavy. Even I have a tough time moving them sometimes. I was wrong though, I saw her moving it.

I wedged the cage door with a wooden dowel, then went online and ordered one of those security locks they have on the sliding glass doors of the display cabinets in retail stores. It came in the mail today.

Morgan is going to have a very difficult time escaping now.

No more escaping for you, Morgan!

 She tried again tonight, Amy was barking like crazy as she watched.

The attempt was unsuccessful.


Amy got a new puppy blanket tonight.

She has been stealing my USAF fleece blanket for the past week. I had a 1 yard piece of the fleece left from when I was making the blanket, and had planned on making some pillows with it, or maybe using it for a quilt, but I wanted MY blanket back.

In order for me to get my blanket back, Amy needed one of her own.

Yep, she likes it.

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