Sunday, May 11, 2014

Dragon Eggs, Day 26. Mother's Day

Day 26, about halfway there.

Incubator Status:
Temperature: 84 degrees fahrenheit
Humidity: 78%

Today was Mothers Day.

Perfectly fitting, I think, that I saw the definite shadows of the embryonic dragons tonight, for the first time.

I noticed them when they shifted a little when moving the light, and or the egg. All the feins stay in one place, but since the embryos are floating more towards the middle of the egg, the embryos shadow moves with the light.

It was pretty cool to see.

Smaug went with us to visit my Mom for Mother's Day today. Didn't take the girls, because it IS breeding season, so he behaves better when they are NOT there.

On the way there:
Smaug likes his fuzzy blanket and fuzzy pillow.

At my Mom's:

Towards the end of the evening, he got pretty sleepy, and he slept the whole way home:

Spoiled boy.

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