Saturday, May 3, 2014

Dragon Eggs, Day 19

TOO Friggin HOT today! It says it was only 94 today, but it felt WAY hotter than yesterday. Yesterday it was 97.

The incubator spiked to 90 again today, had to toss in some ice again. That got it back down.

Incubator Status:
Temperature: 85 degrees fahrenheit (was 90 degrees around noon)
Humidity: 68% (was 46% around noon)

Also gave the dragons some ice cubes. Got video of Smaug with his. He loved it.

Amy decided that it was a good idea to slip out of her harness and chase the neighborhood raccoon. She (surprisingly) treed it rather successfully. She was very disappointed that I put her harness back on and dragged her inside. She even tried to convince me that she had to pee again, just to get back outside. Twice.
Darned smart little dog has figured out how to lie.

Olaf is getting ready to shed. He looks really cool, VERY white, like a little gecko-ghost.

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