Sunday, March 30, 2014

Jack, Day 6: POOP!!!

When I woke up this morning, there was a tiny little poop in Jack's cage.

Unfortunately, it was too dry to take it for a sample. He did it during the night, and it dried out before I saw it. Still, he pooped. That is a very good sign.

There will be more poops.

Jack got moved in to his own Exo Terra 18 inch cube with front-opening glass doors today. He has been very mobile the last couple days, and the tiny terrarium I was keeping him in just wasn't enough room for an active gecko.

My healthy pair of high-yellow leopards share an 18 inch cube just like it, so Jack is being VERY spoiled right now. I bought it for him last night over Craigslist, but I sprayed it down to sterilize it, and I wanted to rinse and dry it before putting him in.

He started wandering around exploring right away. He looks happier in there.

More happy, messy face Jack pictures. He's eating really well. Up to .75mL per feeding now.




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