Saturday, March 29, 2014

Jack, Day 5, A Visit with the Vet.

Jack had his appointment with Dr. Peach this morning.

It was mostly good news.

He's not impacted. She shined a light through him, and we could see that his intestines were completely empty. The poop just hadn't made it that far yet.

His eyeballs are not collapsed. The stuff that I thought was collapsed eyeball was ACTUALLY layers of dried mucous from a bilateral eye infection. It has to come out. She couldn't do it, because she said it would take hours, maybe even days to loosen them enough to get them out, but she showed me how to do it without hurting him.

She also gave me medicated eyedrops to treat the infection.

Still no poop, so we couldn't do a parasite test.

Weigh in: 20.8 grams.
An adult leopard gecko should weigh between 40 and 80 grams.


Just spent 4 hours soaking his eyes and rubbing them with q-tips. He hated it. He bit the q-tips several times.

Just a little bit of eye peeking out from behind the nasty.

But the crap is OUT!

I couldn't believe how much was in there. I didn't think there was enough room under his little eyelids to fit this much.

His eyes underneath are absolutely beautiful, a greenish, bronzeish, silvery color.

And, he can SEE. He reacts to movement, but snaps his eyes shut at any but the dimmest light, so I couldn't get pictures of that, except the one a little way up when his eyelid was still stuck open from all the crap under it.

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