Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas in Reptile-town

It's Christmas time, and that means... CHAOS!

All the lights are up outside, I think... Unless I decide to put up more.

I have kinda had that problem the last week or so. I keep changing my mind with the decorations.

I started out doing the tree all in silver,

 and I was satisfied... for about 2 days.

Then I added some ribbon:

Then I added blue:

then some little metal icicles:

I think it MIGHT be done now. No promises though.

A few of my friends posted this on my wall over the last few weeks:

and it gave me an awesome idea.


Lilly got hers already.

Smaug and Tia will have theirs soon, though I think Kaida may still be a little too small.

There will be pictures going out in my Christmas cards this year, because win.

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