Thursday, February 2, 2012

Theft and Values.

My poor truck got broken into tonight. They took my sad little excuse for a purse. I cancelled all cards that were in it, and I will be going to the DMV in the morning to replace the driver's license.

On a lighter note, I have some of the best friends anyone could ask for. Josh, Austin, Allison, and Craig were there for me through all of the calling to cancel cards. They swept the glass out of my car while I was on the phone, Josh called the police for me so I could get the report done, and Allison sat with me the whole time trying to make me feel better. 

The entire time all of this was going on, I was worried about only ONE item that was in my truck. My flute was behind the seat. My stepdad gave it to me the summer before I started 8th grade, because I wanted to be in band, and he happened to have a flute. It was with me all through high school, through summer camps and band camps. Through audition after audition for the PCC Honor Band that marches in the Rose Parade, and most recently, many rehearsals and an audition with my current band - which is still lacking a name. The case is held together by stickers because I dropped it off the top bunk while practicing the summer after my sophomore year of high school, and each sticker has a story.

It is irreplaceable.

Luckily, it was still there behind the seat, along with a few other things of varying worth that I apparently didn't care nearly as much about.

When I first saw the broken glass around my truck, I didn't think it was from my truck - total "this can't happen to ME" moment. As I walked closer, and saw the window smashed in, I was still swimming in disbelief a little bit. I looked away, then looked back.

The window was still smashed.

I backed away, and started walking back over towards Allison's car. She shouted "are you OK?" and I told her that the window was smashed out in my car. 

then I went back to the car, opened the door. It was still locked, it just no longer had a window. As it opened, glass showered down from the window frame. I could hear it rattling in the door too. It was all over the seat. I remembered that I had left my purse in the car, so I climbed in despite the broken glass to look for it. It was gone. 

By this time the boys were on their way back out of the house. They had heard what happened. Allison told me to let them deal with stuff outside, then dragged me back into the house. As I passed him, I asked Josh if I could use his computer to cancel my cards.

Looked up phone numbers, called and cancelled cards... 
...everything is dealt with, except for the license, that has to wait till tomorrow.

This did make me think though. We surround ourselves with crap. Lots of it. Most of it we don't even remember what it is or why we have it, it's kind of just THERE.

How much of it do we need, really?

One of my favorite romantic comedy movies (super cheesy, but I love it anyway), Leap Year, has a line in it that hits home right now. It asks "If your house was on fire, and you had 60 seconds, what would you grab?"

What would you grab? Do you even know?

My truck got broken into. If I had it to do over again, sure, I would have taken my purse in with me tonight. I almost did, then I put it back thinking "Oh, I won't NEED it, it'll be fine".

BUT, if EVERYTHING in the truck had been taken, and I could only have saved one thing, would it have been the purse?


The board games?


Magic cards? Camping gear? Stereo?


The only thing in that truck that mattered enough to me that I actually WORRIED about it being gone was the flute.

and thankfully, It was still there.

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