Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year!

Went camping down at Ocotillo Wells with my church over New years weekend. Had a blast. Rode quads, had campfires, sang around the campfires, had tasty food, and the company was AMAZING.

Rode out there in my truck, one of my friends, Josh, was awesome enough to ride with me, I thoroughly enjoyed the company.

Shortly after we turned onto the 78, he was looking out the window, and saw some odd lights in the sky. We were trying to figure out what they were, and I pulled over so that we could look at them. They turned out to be Chinese wishing lanterns. I didn't know those were even real, I've only ever seen them in Tangled.

We got to the site, and Josh's brother Austin, their dad, and their dad's girlfriend were there already. We set up the tents, and I taught Josh how to play a G progression on the guitar while we hung out around the campfire. It was really laid back, and it was wonderful.

Austin read us a bedtime story: The Hobbit, chapter 3.

The next morning, Josh taught me to ride a quad. I decided it was fun, and I wanted one. Then we all we all went out on a long ride. Austin and Josh rode the quads, I rode in the Jeep because there were only 2 quads. It was still WAY fun though.

When we got back in the evening, The rest of our friends had arrived (Allison, Andrew, Alex, Loni, and Nick). Allison had a Chinese wishing lantern that someone had given her. It was pretty awesome. We had dinner around the campfire, and hung out singing camp songs and sea shanties until midnight-ish. Then we headed over to the BIG communal bonfire in the middle of our little area.

At midnight, they threw a couple of Christmas trees on the bonfire, and we released Allison's lantern. It was amazing.

We all got another bedtime story from Austin. This time, it was The Hobbit again, but chapter 4.
Sunday morning there were a lot more quads available, so we went on another ride. Austin wanted to stay behind and shoot stuff with the BB gun, so I borrowed his quad. I was doing really well with it most of the morning, so I started getting a little cocky. Then a little more... and a little more... and then I rolled the quad. I managed to walk away with just some fun bruising, but I bent up his handlebars and busted his headlight pretty good. I offered to pay for the damage, but they got the handlebars straightened out, and said they probably wouldn't fix the headlight.

I still want a quad.

Reposting my Good Stuff list from Facebook:

I don't even know if I CAN list all the awesomeness I'm feeling right now. Had an amazing weekend up in Ocotillo Wells.

Happy New Year everyone!

1. Camping
2. Friends
3. Smores
4. Quads
5. Chinese wishing lanterns
6. Bonfires
7. Campfire songs
8. Campfire smell
9. Making new friends
10. Improving existing friendships
11. Conversation
12. Bedtime stories
13. Omelets in a bag (they were delicious)
14. AZ's soup/stew
15. Learning experiences
16. Beauty
17. Silliness
18. The new year!

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