Saturday, January 10, 2015

Update 01-09-15

We lost Morgan in November. Our power was out for about 36 hours, give or take, and while that only mildly annoyed Lilly, it was deadly for poor Morgan. My guess is that it was either due to her age (we don't know exactly how old she was, just had an educated guess that she was at least 7-10 years old, if not older.) or there may have been some other underlying condition that we never found. She was in pretty poor shape when she came to us, but appeared to have recovered.

R.I.P. Morgan  <3

On a lighter note, I have not posted an update on Falkor or the babies in a good, LONG while.

Still skinny, but acting much healthier.

Falkor is doing quite well. He is being quite slow about gaining weight, but he eats willingly, and has not lost any weight. His color and energy have improved too. He is still very shy around most people, but REACHES for me when I take him out. He knows who rescued him  :)

The babies have gotten quite large. They just cleared the 6 month mark. Most of the ones that will be going to new homes have been picked up, so I am down to 8 babies now.


When they were tiny, ALL 15 OF THEM could fit around this little dish they are drinking from. Not anymore though.

(that's not dirt in the dish, it's the pattern on the ceramic. The dish is spotless)


I received an adorable little pastel ball python as a Christmas gift this year. He's about 4 months old, and his favorite hobby is pretending to be a cookie.


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