Thursday, July 3, 2014

Dragon Eggs, Day 80

I've been slacking. It got crazy around here the last couple weeks, and I didn't post any updates.

But today, you all get the ULTIMATE update.

The best update ever.


So, I was visiting my friend in the hospital today, and talking to her about the dragons. I told her that they were all good, and could come visit her at home when she gets out.

She asked about the eggs, and I told her that a few had sunken in, especially the one I had been measuring, so I hadn't been able to do any measurements, but any time I picked up the shriveled eggs, I could feel the babies moving around inside. When they start to shrivel and wrinkle, that means they're getting ready to hatch.

As of last night, 4 were wrinkling, and the one I had been measuring looked completely collapsed. It bore a strong resemblance in shape to a raisin.

When I got home from visiting, I checked the incubator for temperature, because it's REALLY hot today.

I popped it open to put in a blue-ice bar to bring the temperature down (it had jumped to 93) and saw this:

That's the one I was measuring. No more charts now, it's too late  :)

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